Welcome to our virtual clinic

Telehealth Hub

MYDOC as patients orientated telehealth hub is used to improve primary health care, by using modern and portable technologies. At the same time, in accordance with national and international guidelines, it provides the provision of remote, quality and affordable medical services.

We believe in globalization and with help of the telemedicine, we will minimize the limitations of quality of health care for population. We believe that every person has the right to receive well timed, high-grade and affordable health care services. MYDOC is ready to become a “remote bridge” in the relationship between patient and doctor

Effectiveness of platform

Save patient’s time 90%
Reduce Patients expanses 50%
Increase effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment 65%
Timely detection of disorders 70%

AI in Radiology

Large variety of services

Online video consultations
Instrumental investigations

All investigations, that are performed in our clinic, are available for you and your doctor,  by using digital technologies and mobile application.

Home visits

With help of our practitioners, you will be able to perform most of the laboratory and instrumental investigations at home.

Acknowledge the priorities of digital healthcare platform

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