Welcome to our virtual clinic

Telehealth Hub

MyDoc is telehealth platform to improve and ease communication between
patient and physician. By integrating and equipping family physicians
with modern AI based health technologies MyDoc aims to better primary
care, through digitalization, process automatization and information

We believe that, introduction of modern digital solutions in the service
planning and provision  will significantly improves health disparities,
quality of services and therefore health outcomes.

Effectiveness of platform

Saves patient’s time 50%
Reduces Patient's expenses 30%
Increases early detection of various disorders 35%

AI in Radiology

Large variety of services

Online video consultations
Instrumental investigations

All investigations, that are performed in our clinic, are available for you and your doctor,  by using digital technologies and mobile application.

Home visits

With help of our practitioners, you will be able to perform most of the laboratory and instrumental investigations at home.

Acknowledge the priorities of digital healthcare platform

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